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. geology . astronomy . gender .
. graphic design . radical organizing .
. bemused eschatophile .
. white poly pansexual (gender)queer .
. they . them . theirs .
. apocalypse punx .
. music . food . people .

i'm also a co-manager of the
Folk Routes Distro Collective


Babe it’s work to whistle, if it’s love it’s labor
I’m the first to issue an admission of my bad behavior
I’m a mouthy little drunk and I’m a tyrant when I’m angry
Clumsy with company, careful with family
Break bones before promises, throw stones before towels
I get nervous at parties but I’m like bedrock at hospitals
So fuck my birth stone, what’s my blood type?
Let’s do this thing with a little bold nerve and a little foresight
Course I expected that it got rough ‘cause it always does in life and love.
Best you can do is try to find other survivors
Take flight or get fried to the wire, they light the pyre
But I got your back when your feet to the fire, love

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