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godsdamn, but I can really appreciate when friends turn out for a show.

Thanks to everyone who came out and danced last night! That was so much fun!

I unfortunately didn’t record it, but we have videos of past shows up here.

And we’re playing again next tuesday at the Kapitalist Howse! And maybe the following Tuesday too?

i really really like that this was a legitimate question that came up amongst my housemates:

Whose full deer hide showed up on the porch over night?

Last night’s show was our first in months, acoustic, and went off without a single hitch. Best show we’ve played so far! I set up a camera, so hopefully i’ll have some footage to post later in the week.

Adult Fiction were tight and dreamy, got folks dancing right off the bat. Then we played and despite the chandelier smacking people in the head multiple times, folks danced and sang and smiled, which is more than we could ask for. Then Sweet Street Symphony broke it down so well! It was so good to see Max and Esteban, and to meet Shameus and Pete.

Unfortunately, all of .feral.fey.fallow. works early, so we all piled into the van as The Suitcase Junket was setting up. I really would have liked to have seen him play (one-persyn band, guitar, percussion, throat singing) again.

And we only played 7 of our 13(?) songs! So much more material fer the future!

Also, at the top of my list of how last night was excellent (hierarchically!): Getting to dance with Escandalosa Rosas. fuck yeah.